WETM 18 News Reporter Ariel Salk sat down with Dr. Geneva Ballard from Guthrie Radiology to discuss the importance of getting screened for breast cancer.

Recommendations are that healthy women with average risk begin having regular annual screenings at age 40. For women who are at higher risk, which includes a family history of breast cancer diagnosis to start doing a risk evaluation at age 30. This may change based on the age that the patient’s family members were diagnosed.

Being classified as a high risk for breast cancer means that the estimated risk of someone developing breast cancer at some point in their life is greater than 20 percent.

Mammography is currently the number one tool for breast cancer screenings according to Dr, Ballard. And with the introduction of 3D mammography, it is making detection easier.

For patients who are high risk, there are Breast MRIs that can detect breast cancer in more dense tissue. Guthrie has a high-risk clinic that does additional screenings to help detect breast cancer. It is recommended by Guthrie that you discuss with your doctor about screenings. Guthrie has a multi-discipline team to assist anyone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

For more information or to schedule a mammogram call 1-866- GUTHRIE.