Kim Wybenga, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, speaks to raise awareness and share her story. “It’s a journey. and it’s important for women to know that where you start is not where you end.” She goes on to say “We’re more than our breasts and have a lot to offer to society but its important to take care of our bodies… Our primary goal is to live through multiple generations and be there for our children, our grandchildren, our occupations, and everything that brings us happiness and success in this world.”

“It’s always I’ll do it tomorrow” says Harolyn Giordano of the Elmira YWCA Support after Breast Cancer Surgery Pink Boutique. “Don’t put off your annual mammogram. They all say they wish they would’ve gotten checked and caught it sooner.”

Ms. Wybenga has spoken out on different occasions and focuses on availing herself to women who are diagnosed so she can share with them the personal experiences of what it’s like to go through battling the cancer from start to finish. Additionally, she has compiled footage of her journey in hopes that it can be edited into a documentary, made available to those who are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or going through the reconstruction process.

Guthrie Medical Imaging is currently offering Saturday Mammograms for the month of October, but bookings are limited so please schedule appointments as soon as possible, or consult your primary care physician regarding where to go to get screened annually or bi-annually.