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New Book "Is it Because I Am BAME?" Exposes Prejudices Against Minorities in the NHS


LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dr. Aliya Umar, a graduate of the University of Manchester and a passionate advocate for equality, has released her thought-provoking book titled "Is it Because I Am BAME?" In this compelling work, Umar sheds light on the difficulties faced by minorities within the National Health Services (NHS), UK, and exposes the stereotypes and discrimination deeply embedded within the system.

The book explores how individuals from Black, Asian, Eurasian, and other non-White origins are unfairly targeted with derogatory terms and discrimination based on their skin color, race, or religion. Umar reveals that even after obtaining the necessary qualifications, these individuals are often denied the positions and respect they deserve, instead being coerced into accepting roles beneath their level of expertise. Shockingly, the victims of racism within the NHS are forced to hide or alter their appearance to conceal their ethnicity, fearing retribution and marginalization.

By sharing real-life incidents and presenting statistical evidence, Umar highlights the urgent need for change. She calls upon those in positions of authority to go beyond mere condemnation and take meaningful action to address these issues. The book not only exposes the prevailing challenges but also explores various avenues, such as support groups and counselling organisations, to help break down barriers and create a more inclusive environment within the NHS.

Dr. Aliya Umar, an accomplished medical professional, has undergone rigorous training in the Pennine acute trust located in Greater Manchester and specializes in Gynecology and Obstetrics from the Wessex deanery. Throughout her journey, she has actively participated in leadership programs, including the prestigious Manchester Leadership Award and the Wessex Leadership Academy Award. As a teacher and mentor, Umar guides numerous trainees and medical students, providing them with valuable insights and support to navigate the complexities of their practice.

Passionate about assisting ethnic minority doctors in overcoming the challenges they face, Umar is committed to finding innovative solutions and empowering individuals to thrive within the NHS. "Is it Because I Am BAME?" serves as a rallying call for change, urging both professionals and institutions to champion inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities.

About the Author
Dr. Aliya Umar is a highly accomplished medical professional and graduate of the University of Manchester, holding degrees in MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). With her extensive training and experience, she has become a respected teacher and mentor for medical students and trainees, guiding them through the challenges of their practice.

Driven by her passion for equality and her desire to support ethnic minority doctors, Umar actively seeks innovative solutions and advocates for change within the NHS. "Is it Because I Am BAME?" is her first book, which aims to shed light on the struggles faced by BAME individuals and empower them to thrive in their professional journeys.

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