ELMIRA N.Y. (WETM) – With the Mayoral Elections concluding tonight in Elmira, 18 News spoke with both candidates, Dan Mandell and Jim Hassell, today to get their last thoughts before all of the votes are in.

To start the conversation, both candidates were asked why people should vote in the first place.

“It’s everybody’s civic duty. It’s a right that we have. It’s important that everybody gets out and exercise their rights, that helps them choose their leaders. They choose their leaders based on the incumbents performance,” said Mandell.

Hassell’s response was similar, stating “Voting is always important because this is what democracy is all about. And it’s our voice, you know, that counts, and it really does count. And I think in particular, in this election, it really, it especially counts because the two candidates for mayor, at least in this, in this particular instance, are very different.”

The candidates were then asked where you can go to vote. Mandell voted at the New Beginnings United Methodist Church, while Hassell voted in the old Coca-Cola building. If you’re looking for somewhere to vote, here is a list of places in the area:

  • North Presbyterian Church
  • IAV Club
  • Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall
  • Chemung County Historical Society
  • Fassett School
  • IBEW – Electrical Workers Union Hall
  • Grace Episcopal Church
  • Ernie Davis Academy
  • Bethany Lutheran Church
  • Hiberians Center
  • New Beginnings Church

The two candidates were then asked about their last-minute campaigning plans. Mandell stated that he spoke with people over the weekend and has people making some last-minute calls today. Hassell said he planted four fruit trees this morning to have fruitful thoughts and to stay calm.

The final question 18 News asked was, “Why should people vote for you?”

Mandell said, “I’d like to tell people that I’m the only candidate that has the experience that has a proven leadership in the dedicated service in our community to lead the city over the next four years. So I encourage everybody to get out and vote today.”

Hassell’s response was, “Vote for me because I have a real plan for Elmira. It’s, I mean, it’s comprehensive, and it involves a comprehensive new plan that’s modern, up to date.”

You can vote tonight until 9 p.m. at any of the listed locations above.