Dr. Coleman’s 24th Political Pundit Night–will take place on Thursday night, August 26th.

“Coleman and Company” is the most controversial, provocative, engaging, and entertaining public affairs program in the Twin Tiers. It is hosted by Dr. Stephen Coleman—the longest-running political commentator and analyst in the Twin Tiers and western New York.  

When you watch “Coleman and Company,” expect the unexpected. The fast paced show features the best experts and pundits in our region—in areas that range from politics, to community affairs, to education, and to the law.  Every week the “Coleman and Company” team will discuss the issues that really matter whether local, state, national, and international. And watch for interviews with special news makers and celebrities .

“Coleman and Company” is a public affairs program with something to say—a laboratory for riveting and robust political dialogue and discourse.You can get in on the action, by clicking into “Coleman and Company”—anytime, anywhere,  24/7, 365 days a year on mytwintiers.com.   

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views expressed in “Coleman and Company” belong to its presenters and are not those of, Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., MyTwinTiers.com, this station or their affiliates or employees.

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