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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Featuring Stories from Patients and Advice from Doctors

18 Cares

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. 18 News and Guthrie are joining forces this October to bring you the information you need to know during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

From risk factors, to the latest life-saving technologies detecting breast cancer earlier than I ever. 18 News Reporter Samantha Lantz will be sharing the stories of two women fighting two very different types of breast cancer. 

“So I got the phone call and I was like ok, ok, it’s cancer…ok,” Joyce Cooke, a breast cancer patient said. 

“Had it not been found at this point it would’ve been another year and we would be having a whole different conversation,” Margaret Zimmer, a breast cancer patient said.

“Every day, every day you’re just like when’s the next shoe going to fall, every time I get tests done scans or whatever I’m like is there gonna be anything new there,” Cooke said. 

“I was very thankful that with the 3-D it was an early diagnosis. I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer,” Zimmer said. 

“It’s been 11 years and I don’t know how many more I have, maybe I’ll have another 11 that would be great,” Cooke said. 

“It’s not about me now my story is already in the works, now it’s about everybody else so to get that message out of how important it is for those mammograms and early detection,” Zimmer said. 

Tune in every Monday throughout the month of October for more patient stories of hope and survivorship.

We’ll also get advice from leaders in the breast cancer field. And be sure to stay up to date with the series on our website by clicking here. 

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