ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – A mural project in now complete along a railroad viaduct at the end of Railroad Avenue.

A ribbon cutting was held at the site of the murals and was commissioned by Community Arts. The art is inspired by Elmira’s history. Some of the artists attended the event.

Dion Browne made a mural called ‘The Story of Elmira’ which took him six months to create. It depicts Nathan Teal and Elmira Teal, who the town is named after, embracing. He says he made this because there is no pictures of Nathan nor Elmira, so he wanted to depict it himself.

Filomena Jack created ‘The Happy Mammoth’ which is a mural based on the mammoth history of Elmira. This took her sixty hours to create. She says that she wanted to create emotion in her work by using colors and linework.

The consensus from the art admirers is positive as well. They agree it is a good thing for the community in making Elmira more welcoming.