WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WETM) – The area around The Glen racetrack is already getting packed, and some fans are saying what this means to them.

People have traveled all over to get to see this race and event. Some fans have traveled just a few towns, while there are some people who traveled all the way from Canada!

This event is very important for many. They see this as a bonding time for family and for friends that they had met in years prior at the same location.

“Spending time with my family. We’ve become a big family here. So, this is the most important thing. But just the camaraderie, just the group experience. That’s what it’s all about,” says David Boose. A fan of NASCAR who has gone to this race for 20 years and counting.

It is very common for fans to continue to go to event year after year. Every fan that was interviewed had been going for at least the past ten years! They don’t plan on stopping anytime soon either.

We will have continuing coverage of the race right here on our website.