ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – As temperatures start to decrease, grass begins to slow its growth until around 50 degrees, when it stops growing. That is when it is the best time to stop mowing your lawn.

One of the owners of Chamberlain Acres says that once the area consistently stays below 50 degrees, then the grass stops growing. So at this point in the year, grass will still grow especially during the day.

The reason the grass stops growing is because it conserves and goes dormant. Just like the leaves on the trees. This way, it can thrive again once the spring comes along.

A good way to help the grass is to fertilize it. Around this time of the year is a good time to do so. But be careful with how you do so says one of the owners of Chamberlain Acres. Using weed killers will help to keep ‘golf course’ grass, but it will need to be maintained more frequently and will also make the grass more dangerous for pets and wildlife. Weed killer won’t harm the grass.

The amount of rain the area gets also will dictate the amount of weeds that will be present. This year, we have gotten a lot of rain, so grass is able to grow easier and create stronger roots meaning there is less space for weeds. But when there is less rain, weeds are able to thrive much easier.

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