(WETM) — Today’s Pet of the Week is a very good girl from the Schuyler County Humane Society.

Caroline is a five or 6-year-old Pitbull mix who is full of love and energy. Caroline is a big fan of people and loves meeting and greeting new friends everywhere she goes. She loves going to new places, too. Whether walking, riding in a car, or riding a skateboard, Caroline enjoys any trip she goes on.

This sweet dog is very adventurous and is always up for trying new things. Hopping on a skateboard was Caroline’s idea, and she also decided to take a ride on a swing, a toy car, and the construction equipment in the shelter’s parking lot. This enthusiastic and energetic pup does not like to be bored. If her new family doesn’t keep her challenged and entertained, Caroline will find some trouble to get into. Her new family should be experienced dog owners so they can keep up with her and have a sense of humor for when she does cause a bit of havoc.

Like most pit bulls and Pitbull mixes, Caroline can be stubborn. She is not a fan of going outside in the rain, snow, or heat, but who is? Maybe a little rain jacket and some fashionable sweaters will encourage her to go outside in the rain and snow, but she’d prefer to stay inside and play in the air conditioning on hot summer days.

Caroline’s love for life and fun is very impressive after her hard life. Poor little Caroline was left tied to a fence on the side of a highway before being taken to a shelter. Caroline was transferred to the Schuyler County Humane Society a little over three years ago. She’s been patiently waiting for a family to take her home ever since.

Caroline’s new home should only have adults and maybe teens. This dog is 39 pounds of muscle and excitement, which can be too much for children. She’ll also need to be the only pet in the home. Caroline is not a fan of cats and is okay with other dogs out in public, but she definitely does not want to share a home with them. She has so much energy and love to give that her home won’t need other furry friends.

Caroline is already spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all of her vaccinations, so she’s ready to go home with a lucky family. If you think this sweet and spunky girl would be the perfect addition to your family, you can call 607-594-2255 ext. 201 to make an appointment to meet her or visit the Schuyler County Humane Society’s website for more information on the adoption process.