EAST SMITHFIELD, Pa. (WETM) – Today’s Pet of the Week’s name has quite a jarring story, but he certainly doesn’t let that get him down!

River is a five-month-old that was brought into the Animal Care Sanctuary after he was found on the edge of a riverbank. He was severely injured and workers think he was thrown from a car. His lower jaw was “degloved”, meaning the skin was ripped off his jaw after he hit the ground at a high speed.

Our vet did a really great job of stitching him back up. You can’t even tell. He’s kind of got a little bit a of a pucker if you look close. But he’s just sweet, active playful, loves absolutely everything.

Johnny Williams, Animal Care Sanctuary

River is very “happy-go-lucky”, full of energy, and ACS thinks he’d be great with kids and other cats, too. And even though the sanctuary hasn’t tested River around dogs, they think he’d do great!

For more information on how to adopt River or another pet, visit the Animal Care Sanctuary website, or call 570-596-2200 or 570-724-3687.