(WETM) — Today’s Pet of the Week is a very good boy from Animal Care Sanctuary.

Whiz is a 1-year-old mixed-breed dog who is very athletic. This strong and muscular boy would make a great companion for anyone that likes to hike or spend time at the lake over the summer. Shelter staff say that Whiz would probably love to swim and dock jump. Whiz loves to spend time outside, so he would like an outdoorsy family or someone with a yard he can hang out in.

Whiz is a very energetic boy and loves to play, especially with other dogs. His play style is rough and rowdy, so if his new home has other dogs, they should also like to roughhouse. Whiz does have a lot of energy, but he gets tired out like everyone else. This boy likes to recharge after a play session or hike by lounging on the floor or in your bed (he isn’t picky).

Not only is Whiz athletic and playful, but he’s also very smart. He likes playing “seek and find” games and practicing basic obedience exercises. Whiz is highly motivated and currently working on obedience and leash skills. Shelter staff say that Whiz is willing to learn just about anything.

Whiz would do best in a home with older kids or just adults. He sometimes uses his mouth to play, which can be scary for kids. Whiz is a very good boy though and is very good at listening. He needs a home with some structure and boundaries because he’s still learning. Whiz has a high pray drive, so shelter staff are unsure how he’d do in a home with cats.

If you want to take Whiz home and are unsure of how he’ll do with your dogs and/or cats, you can do a trial run. You can foster-to-adopt Whiz and have him come home with you for three weeks to see if he get along with your other pets.

Whiz is very excited to leave the shelter and find a good home. If you are interested in either fostering or adopting this handsome boy, you can call Animal Care Sanctuary at 570-596-2200 or drop by for a visit.