Morgan McKay

Morgan McKay joined Nexstar as the new Capitol Correspondent in Albany in June of 2017.  

Morgan came to New York from Bozeman, MT where she grew up and took her first reporting job. She is already familiar with snow and is used to reporting in blizzards and while climbing walls of ice with a GoPro (no joke!).

She covered city politics while in Bozeman and her most notable stories were while covering the congressional election involving Greg Gianforte, which gained national attention. She covered city commission every Monday night and fell in love with politics. Morgan says the reason she has such a passion for these types of stories is because she likes to help break down hard to understand issues and explain how they will be directly affecting you as a resident in New York.

Morgan Mckay graduated from Biola University in Los Angeles, California with a B.A. degree in Journalism and Integrated Media with an emphasis in Broadcast. She interned at Fox 11 in Los Angeles while she was attending the university.

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