ATHENS, Pa. (WETM) – An Athens man has been sentenced for stabbing a woman in the neck last spring.

Christopher Dolan, 47, was sentenced for 32 months to 10 years in a Pennsylvania State Correctional Facility for the March 24, 2021 crime. He was charged with Aggravated Assault (a second-degree felony).

According to the original arrest report, Dolan told police that he was washing dishes when the woman returned with groceries. Dolan claimed that while washing a knife, a child said something that made him turn and strike the woman in the neck with the knife while she was kneeling with the groceries.

Witnesses then told police that it looked like the woman was going to give Dolan a hug when he turned and stabbed her. While recovering from surgery the victim said she had a limited memory of the incident but remembered returning home and hearing the knife drawer open before seeing something silver.