ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Elmira Police responded to an attempted abduction of a 14-year-old girl on Mt. Zoar Street on Feb. 4 around 11: 30 a.m.

The victim told police that an adult male had been following her in a vehicle while she was walking on Mt. Zoar Street in the area of Fulton Street. She described the vehicle as a light-colored sedan with dents on the passenger side.

The male is described as a white male approximately 20-years-old with a red beard and glasses wearing light-colored pants, a dark jacket, and a red hoodie.

Police say the vehicle appears to be a grey Chevrolet Impala 4dsd with dents to the passenger side door and possible damage on the front passenger side quarter panel area.

According to the victim, the vehicle eventually pulled over to the side of the street and the driver exited the vehicle.

As the victim walked on the south side of the street, the suspect followed her walking on the north side of the street. As the two approached the area of Rite Aid, the suspect crossed the street and followed directly behind the victim.

The suspect walked at quicker pace and got directly behind the victim. The suspect then told the victim that she needed to go with him. The victim picked up her pace. The suspect then told her that he had a knife. The victim continued to walk. He then told her that if she ran, he would chase her, catch her and hurt her. The victim ignored the threats and continued to walk.

She quickly diverted into the Rite Aid parking lot and entered the store. The male remained at the edge of the parking lot for a few moments watching her inside the store. The suspect eventually left the area, walking back in the direction of where he had parked the vehicle.

Surveillance footage from multiple sources was reviewed by officers and the victim’s accounts were found to be accurate.

Video evidence also revealed that the suspect was alone in the vehicle, however, his passenger side window was down and not consistent with the temperature and conditions at the time.

Anyone with information about this individual or vehicle is requested to call the Elmira Police Department at (607) 737-5626 or leave a message on the anonymous tip line at (607) 271-HALT.