TOWANDA TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WETM) — A Bradford County woman has been sentenced to incarceration for up to 6 months after her initial arrest late last year.

Donna Chenot, 46, was sentenced to incarceration in the Bradford County Correctional Facility for 7 days to 6 months, plus court costs, after an incident that occurred in December of last year.

According to the original arrest report, Chenot was “causing a scene” inside a residence so the victim decided to leave with his children and dog. He told State Police that Chenot grabbed the Victorinox meat cutting knife just as he took the dog and tried to leave the house.

Chenot allegedly stood at the top of the stairs, holding the knife by her head, and said “If you don’t drop the dog I will stab you in the throat.” She then began to advance down the stairs toward him. Police say the children witnessed the altercation.

She was sentenced for the offense of simple assault (domestic violence), a misdemeanor of the second degree.