BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB/WETM) — Kristina Kwoitzer, 16, was shopping at the mall over the weekend when she got an alarming text message. It stating that her card was disabled and she had to click a link to get it fixed.

“I called M&T and I wanted to speak to a person, and they didn’t answer they said they were closed or something,” she said.

Since, the phone call to the bank was a dead end, she decided to click the link.

“They asked for my user ID, my password, my social security number, and my credit card number,” she said.

Kristina actually got two text messages. The second one came the very next day.

“When it got the other text message, I went to check my account again and it was a Zelle PTP payment and it says $200 and then $1,200.”

The Kwoitzer family eventually got a hold of someone in at the bank and they were able to get the problem worked out.

This family is one of dozens in the region that have experienced this phishing scam.

M&T bank released a statement today, saying that don’t call, email or text requests for logins, pins, passwords or personal information.


  • Never use the same password across different sites.
  • Be cautious of any demands requesting urgent or immediate action.
  • If you question the legitimacy of a request, contact the source directly