Father worries bail reform could be hurting his son


Father worries bail reform could be hurting his son

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CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – Kyle Horton, 20, has been arrested for several charges lately but has been released every time because of bail reform. His father, Chad Horton, believes that his son would not have racked up so many crimes if he was put in jail from the beginning.

The bail reform law leaving law enforcement with many headaches, but this also causes stress for the family members.

“Bail reform, fine, let them out, you know, shame on you, we will deal with the case later,” said Chad Horton. “But if they are a threat to society or themselves selves then they need to be kept there.”

He hopes that Kyle can get professional help so that he can get out of this cycle of self-destruction. He doesn’t want to see his child in jail but fears that is what is best for him now.

“I would rather see him locked up then dead,” Chad said.

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