BATH, N.Y. (WETM) — A Bronx man was sentenced for selling fentanyl-laced drugs to a Bath man who died from an overdose.

According to District Attorney Brooks T. Baker, Usbaldo L. Rodriquez, 64, was sentenced to five years in a New York State Prison and two years of post-release supervision on Oct. 30. He had previously pled guilty to third-degree attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance (a class C felony). He was sentenced by Judge Patrick F. McAllister in the Steuben County Court.

As part of his guilty plea, Rodriquez admitted to possessing fentanyl-laced heroin with the intent to sell it in the Village of Bath on Jan. 10,2023. Rodriquez sold the drugs to Braulio Martinez, and Martinez died from an overdose. The Bath Police Department responded to the overdose, attempted to help Martinez, and subsequently investigated his death.

Brooks gave a message to those who may be considering either purchasing or selling drugs in Steuben County in his release about the sentencing:

“First, everyone should be aware that any drug can be, and all too often is, laced with fentanyl today and can be on just one use deadly – the risk of death from illegal drug use is more acute now than we have ever experienced,” said Brooks. “And second, if you are a drug dealer thinking about selling deadly drugs in Steuben County, know that we will do everything we can under the law, in the Village of Bath and every other community in Steuben County, to hold you accountable for the lives you take and bring you to justice.”