SAYRE, Pa. (WETM) — A Sayre man was arrested over the weekend after an alleged domestic incident where police say he choked and assaulted a female inside of their home.

According to the Athens Township Police Department 23-year-old Nathan T. Merrill was arrested on numerous charges after police say he choked and assaulted a woman he knew and damaged her property.

Police say they arrived at a trailer park on Blue Spruce Lane in Sayre around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 17, and noticed crying and yelling coming from one of the trailers. When police went to go inside of the trailer they were met with numerous children around the residence with one of them telling police they were in the back bedroom.

When police went inside they said they saw and smelled smoke inside of the trailer, and came to find out later that Merrill had taken a hammer to the victim’s cellphone and then microwaved it.

Police confronted Merill and he explained the incident was over the victim not giving him the keys to the car, and that nothing physical had happened. When asked initially about the smoke in the house, Merill told police that he was hiding her phone and it was microwaved by mistake.

When speaking to the victim, she told police the dispute over the car keys came about after she got back from picking up her two kids and refused to give the keys to him as she had to work in the morning.

She told police that this led to the argument and the smashing of her phone and it being microwaved. She said that she was hit numerous times and had his hands placed around her neck while being pushed around the home and eventually pushed into the back bedroom.

When in the back bedroom the victim told police she was assaulted more and choked again, saying Merrill had put a sleeping bag over her mouth and held it there. She said that when she was choked by Merrill she was unable to breathe.

Police looked over the victim and noticed the injuries to her face, arms, and leg, along with injuries from a prior incident.

Based on the gathered information, police arrested Merrill and charged him with the following:

  • Strangulation – pressure to throat or nose, a grade two felony
  • One count of endangering the welfare of children, a grade one misdemeanor
  • One count of simple assault, a grade two misdemeanor
  • One count of recklessly endangering another person, a grade two misdemeanor
  • One count of criminal mischief, a summary offense
  • One count of harassment, a summary offense