TIOGA TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WETM) — A Millerton Pa. man has been arrested after an argument led to him cutting another man, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Bryan Talada, 30, was arrested for an incident that occurred on May 17, 2022, at approximately 6:25 p.m. According to the criminal complaint, Talada got into a verbal argument with another man at a residence on Mitchell Creek Rd in Tioga Township. The argument led to Talada allegedly brandishing a hunting knife and threatening to “kill” the man.

As the argument escalated, Talada allegedly went toward the man with the knife, which prompted the victim to grab a chair and use it as a shield to protect himself. The complaint states that Talada swung the knife at the victim several times.

After the victim yelled for help, another man then came into the room. The other man attempted to get the knife from Talada, which resulted in his hand getting cut with the knife. The intervening man was able to get the knife away from Talada and the altercation ended.

The next day at approximately 5:00 p.m., Talada and the original victim got into another verbal dispute during which Talada threatened to kill the man again. This prompted the victim to leave the residence, claiming to be in fear of his life.

Police arrived at the residence at 6:50 p.m. to interview Talada about the incident. During the interview, Police say that he admitted to using a knife during the altercation and that he did cut one of the men.

Police charged Talada with two counts of Simple Assault, Terroristic Threats, and Harassment.