(WETM) – Still looking for a Halloween costume idea?

With the spooky night just two weeks away, people across the country are trying to find the perfect costumes for themselves and their kids. Google has put together a map of the top trending costume searches nationwide and for individual cities.

Within the past week, Google Trends reported that the top five trending costume ideas across the U.S. were Daredevil, Princess Diaries, Monster High, The Purge, and Starfire. Meanwhile, groups are reportedly searching for Dominoes, Pac-Man, Super Mario, Crayons, and Ninja Turtle costumes.

However, not every city is searching for the same thing. Google’s annual Frightgeist roundup of costume searches shows that in the Elmira, N.Y. area, “Doll” is the top costume idea. Nearby in Binghamton and Syracuse, the top idea was “Cheerleader”, “Stranger Things” in Rochester, and “Rabbit” in Buffalo.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area is searching for “Princess” the most, while Erie, Pa. is looking for “Pirate”.

Beyond just the last week or just New York and Pa., Google is reporting that Witch, Spider-man, and Dinosaur are the top three searches overall around the country.

Google’s full Frightgeist list of costume ideas can be found here.