HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) — Hundreds of children watched as a helicopter dropped easter eggs onto the front lawn of His Tabernacle Family Church in Horseheads on Saturday, to celebrate the holiday and provide a fun event for families.

In total, around 15,000 eggs were scattered across the grass put out by workers at the church, followed by the dropping of the remaining eggs by helicopter.

Kids could be seen jumping up and down and waving to the pilot as it hovered above the ground, dropping eggs from above.

Following the helicopter’s departure, the kids were given the word and took off to collect as many eggs as possible.

His Tabernacle has been holding services all Easter weekend and continues again tomorrow while providing a free family event for community members.

The church’s pastor, Micheal Spencer, says the church has been holding this style of egg hunt for around six or seven years now.

Spencer says that a lot of planning goes into holding a holiday event of this magnitude, numerous teams are created by members of the church who help out to make not just the egg hunt possible, but all the worship services.

“It takes over 120 workers a week just to make a normal church service happen, nevermind something of this capacity,” Spencer said.

Spencer said they are expecting over 900 people to show up to the Sunday service, with another egg hunt and helicopter drop to happen following the service.

The event and service are free to attend, with the service starting at 10 a.m. His Tabernacle can be found at 16 Level Acres Drive in Horseheads.