(WETM) – It’s not uncommon to loosen your belt during Thanksgiving dinner. The annual feast leaves you feeling full, and a new study has determined you have to walk over 30 miles to burn off the most popular Thanksgiving dishes!

Footwear company Kuru used Google Trends data to find the most popular dishes on Turkey Day in 2021. The company then estimated the calories in each dish with data from the Calorie Control Council, then used Omni Calculator to determine how many steps it would take to burn off each dish.

The easiest dish to burn off is one cup of raw vegetables, the study found, requiring only 448 steps. On the other end of the spectrum, the same amount of stuffing requires 7,958 steps.

Source: Kuru Footwear

Other popular dishes like green bean casserole, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie contain hundreds of calories, the study found. The number of steps required to burn them off is 3,205 for green bean casserole, 4,259 for roasted turkey, 5,335 for mashed potatoes, and 7,241 for pumpkin pie.

The analysis said that while 2,000 calories per day, most Americans eat around 3,400 on Thanksgiving. So, altogether, an average Thanksgiving meal with the most popular dishes contains 3,408 calories and requires 76,397 steps to burn off.

That many steps would require over 30 miles of walking, the study found, with an average of two miles per 5,000 steps.

So after dinner, it might be time to throw on a jacket, brave the cold, and start walking.