(WETM) – The holidays wouldn’t be complete without sweet treats, and a popular tradition for many is baking and decorating Christmas cookies with family and friends.

Google Trends recently compiled data on each state’s most popular Christmas cookie, based on the amount of search traffic, as well as other popular holiday treats. Among different types of holiday sweets, Google’s data showed that cookies dominate the search bar, followed by cake and then pie.

Some of the most popular “uniquely searched” cookies across the country around Christmastime are gingerbread, sugar, and peanut butter, Google said. However, different types of international cookies were the most searched in over a dozen states.

In New York, Google’s data showed that “Italian Christmas Cookies” were the most popular. In Pennsylvania, the top variety was “Peanut Butter Blossoms”.

However, the top-trending dessert over the last month has been “puppy chow”.

Other popular holiday recipe searches, specifically for Hanukkah, included challah, sufganiyot, latke, kugel, Hanukkah cookies, and brisket, Google said.

All of the top-trending holiday searches can be found here.