(WETM) – The holidays almost wouldn’t be complete without the huge spread of food. From turkey, ham, cookies, and pie, the holidays are a time to feast. One survey determined which Christmas dinner foods are the most (and least) popular in each state.

Crestline, a branded merchandise company, surveyed 2,174 Americans to ask them their favorite and least favorite holiday foods. The survey included asking about entrees, side dishes, desserts, drinks, and vegan alternatives.

In New York, the most popular Christmas food was pigs in a blanket, while in Pennsylvania, it was roast beef. The Commonwealth aligned with some of the most popular dishes across the country: roasted potatoes, scalloped potatoes, roast beef, red velvet cake, ham, and Christmas nuts.

On the other hand, New York’s and Pennsylvania’s least favorite Christmas foods were peppermint bark and goose, respectively, according to the survey. Once again, Pa.’s tastes aligned closely with the country as a whole, which listed its least favorite dishes as persimmon pudding, fruitcake, goose, duck, and lamb.

The five most popular Christmas cookies across America were chocolate chip, sugar, fudge, M&M, and snickerdoodle, the report said. New York was also one of the states listed as most likely to try vegan turkey this year during the holidays, with 53% of people who responded to the survey saying they were willing to try it.

The full report, which includes the most and least popular Thanksgiving dishes, as well, can be found here.