(WETM) – From towns to counties to states and the nation, November 2022 is shaping up to be a very busy election cycle. And with such a turbulent economy over the last two years, voters are taking a lot into consideration when they head to the polls.

Google collected data on what issues American voters are searching for the most, state-by-state. The interest in midterms is steadily rising this time of year, according to Google trends; the word “midterms” spiked in 2018.

Money’s on the mind this year, according to the trends from Google. Across the country overall, the top five election topics Americans are searching are unemployment, abortion, health care, social security, and wages. However, each state’s most-searched topics vary in order.

In New York the top five searches are: Wages, Social Security, Health Care, Abortion, and Economy, in that order. Google Trends’ map of N.Y. counties shows that Wages and Social Security are the dominant searches among the vast majority up Upstate and Downstate. However, around seven counties are searching “Abortion” more than any other topic.

In Pennsylvania, the story is similar. The top five searches are the same and in the same order as New York. However, “Social Security” dominates the vast majority of searches in the Commonwealth.

Google says that over 1,200 candidates are running for almost 500 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. In the Southern Tier, NY’s 23rd Congressional District is up for grabs, with Republican Nick Langworthy and Democrat Max Della Pia facing off to take the seat of the newly drawn maps.