Town of Dansville propositions on 2020 ballot

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Town of Dansville propositions on 2020 ballot

Town of Dansville, NY (WETM) – There are three propositions on the Town of Dansville ballot this year. The first two ask the voters if the term of the Town Supervisor and the Highway Superintendent should be extended from two years to four years.

“We all agreed that two years really is quite a short period of a new Supervisor or Superintendent comes in to learn the complete ropes of everything,” said Town of Dansville Town Supervisor Michael Willis.

If passed, the third proposition grants “qualifying United States Military Veterans with a tax exemption from the town’s real property tax of 15 percent with an additional 10 percent if the veteran served in certain designated areas of the world or if the veteran is disabled as determined by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs an exemption equal to one-half of their percentage of disability,” according to the Town of Dansville ballot.

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