PINE CITY, N.Y. (WETM) – The P’Nut Freedom Farm is a sanctuary being built around a squirrel that became a loving best friend of a man. The little guy is named P’Nut and he’s the subject of a video that got more than 30 million views and 1 million likes on Facebook.

“Unfortunately I saw his mom get hit by a car, and so we came home and we rehabbed and we got ready for the wild and unfortunately we went out for a day and a half and we ended up losing half our tail and we became a domesticated indoor squirrel. He was deemed non-releasable after that just because he never learned those instincts to survive” said P’Nut Freedom Farm owner Mark Longo.

The story of the small squirrel has grown into something much bigger since. The squirrel and his human family now live in a sanctuary in Pine City that’s being turned into a place for animals that may not have had the best lives to come and live stress free, and with loving people around them.

“We came across this beautiful place and we decided that day that we would turn it into something special. With 350 acres here we’re really able to use every ounce of it from hay fields to building shelters and building fences to being able to house many animals” said Longo.

The Longo family explained that they have many plans for the land and that animals are constantly being brought to their home.

“It’s just a beautiful place, to see horses coming from bad situations and just relax here as soon as they come. You are seeing the horses just laying down and you see in their face that they found their home, and that I think is the most beautiful thing you can see in animals” said Dani Longo.

To learn more about P’Nut’s Freedom Farm, you can check it out on their website. If you want to check out any of the videos of P’Nut and his Squirrel Dad, you can find them on all social media platforms.