(WPHL) — When it comes to adopting a pet, choosing the right name can be a daunting task.

Well according to a new report, many have taken inspiration from the sights, people, and sports teams around them.

Rover released its 11th Annual Top Pet Names Report and among all the top contenders are Taylor Swift-inspired names, Barbie and Ken-inspired names, and more including icons from the NFL, MLB, USWNT, and NBA.

“The names we give to our pets reflect what’s happening in the world around us—from trending TV shows, important public figures, and even social media trends—and eleven years into the campaign, this trend is still going strong,” said Kate Jaffe, a trend expert at Rover.

“A lot happened in 2023 and the names we lovingly chose for our pets reflect the most memorable moments. From strong female leads to blockbuster hits, our favorite comfort foods, and nostalgic pop culture icons, this year’s list suggests we’re all after a little extra comfort right now.”  

The number one most popular dog name is Charlie, surpassing the previous winner, Max, who held the top spot for eleven years.

Luna which was the number one name for female dogs and cats last year, has taken the top prize again.

The number one name for male cats is Oliver.

In the sports realm, Kelce is the number one top-trending dog name, with an uprise of 135%. (Although we know it’s for Travis Kelce… we like to think it’s for our favorite Football Center, Jason Kelce).

In the U.S. Women’s National Team world, names like Dunn, Megan, Rapinoe, and Sue Bird have made it on the list.

For Women’s basketball lovers, the name Jewell, named after Jewell Lloyd has trended upwards 64%.

Other trending names in the NBA are Celtic, Nicola (Jokic), and Trae (Young).

In the MLB, names like Trae, named after Phillies Shortstop, Trae Turner, and Mariner, are trending this year.

For the NFL, Eagle, named after the Philadelphia Eagles, Lamb,( CeeDee), and Fields (Justin) have seen significant upticks in trends.

In the pop-culture realm, the name Wednesday, Enid, Gomez Addams, and Morticia Addams after the new Wednesday Addams show, made the list.

Inspired by the hit movie, Barbie, the name Barbie or Barb for short, and Greta made the list for girl pets, and for boy pets, the names Ken, Mattel, and Alan, made the list.

For Taylor Swift lovers, the names Taylor, Swift, Swiftie, Este, and Karma, skyrocketed on the charts.

For pet parents who like to stay up-to-date on technology, names like Elon, Musk, Threads, and AI made the list.

If your love of food and drinks transcends all, food and drink-inspired names like Beer, Prosecco, Green Bean, Cheerios, Smore, Tiramisu, Gogurt, Pop-Tart, Cornichon, Pupping Pop, Pupsi, Sojuu, Bubble Gum, Breadcrumb, Chili Cheese, Chocoflan, Eggsy, Benedict, Everything Bagel, Maple Syrup, Pastrami, Calzone, Burrata, Boursin, and Provolone, all made it.

And if you want to honor your favorite celebs, names like Alanis (Morrisette), Drew Barrymore, Ginger Spice, Spice Girl, Leonardo Dogcaprio, Shania Twain, Richard Gere, Fergie, Shakira, and Avril are all trending.