MILLERTON, PA (WETM) – Each week WETM recognizes first responders from around our area who work hard every day to keep us safe and healthy. This week we would like to thank a responder that has put in over half a century of service to our community. This week our nominee comes from Tioga County, PA.

Chief John Barnes of the Millerton Volunteer Fire Department, has been serving with that department for thirty-seven years. He has served in a chief officer position for a majority of that time, including moving up to the position of chief within the last ten years.

According to the nomination, since John Barnes has become the Chief things have improved at the Millerton Fire Department. Much of the work performed on the trucks is performed by John and a few of the other firefighters when the need arises. With the position of chief comes countless hours of paperwork.

All the men, women, and even children of the town have been helped by John is some way or another and they would all agree that there is not a better man fit for the job as Chief of Department 12, than John Barnes.

Nomination Comment

Thank you for your service and dedication to our community!

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