BROOKTONDALE, NY (WETM) – This week’s First Responder Appreciation segment consists of two brothers who have dedicated their lives in service to their communities.

Chris Jordan has been serving his community with the Brooktondale Fire Department for 39 years.
Both Chris and Steve Jordan have served as Chief of the Brooktondale Fire Department.
Steve Jordan has been serving his community with the Brooktondale Fire Department for 35 years.

Chris and Steve Jordan have spent decades serving with the Brooktondale Fire Department, both starting as explorers at the age of 15 and advancing to the rank of Chief. Both have served in the position of Chief multiple times throughout the years. Chris has served his community in the fire department for 39 years and Steve for 35 years.

Something else that the brothers share is that they both work in Emergency Services for Cornell University. Chris has been with Environmental Health and Safety at Cornell for over twenty-five years, while Steve has been there almost 11 years.

Chris Jordan has served the Cornell community for over 25 years, and Steve has nearly 11 years of service to the Cornell community.

Each man is easily recognized by their broad signature smiles and healthy sense of humor. As individuals their contributions are numerous, but it is possible they make an even better team. We recognize them for their lifelong dedication to their communities and thank them for their service.

The Brooktondale Fire Department was established on March 18, 1946; the Brooktondale Fire Company was incorporated as a non-profit organization in November 1946. 

If you would like to nominate a first responder for recognition, please visit the First Responder Appreciation page.