ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – This month’s winner of the Golden Apple Award is Erin Fairbrother.

Erin is teaching in her 20th year and currently teaches at Elmira High School.

I asked her colleague, Jan Roman about what kind of teacher Erin is and she said, “She’s very flexible in her teaching and that’s the best thing about her.”

Her favorite memory working with Erin was what she called “squirrel day,” and this day was years ago when all the power went out in the school because of a squirrel. The students were sent home but the teachers stayed and because there was no power they all sat around and talked. Jan, along with Erin and another co-worker sat and talked and were able to listen to one another.

Jan also says she has seen Erin firsthand with her students and her patience and honesty are why she is able to connect with them.

Her advice for young teachers especially during this pandemic, is to keep going and don’t give up and to look at the positives because they out weight the negatives.

Congratulations to Erin Fairbrother, January’s recipient of the Golden Apple Award.

The Golden Apple Award is sponsored by Olthof Funeral Home. If you would like to nominate an educator for the Golden Apple Award, you are able to right here on our site.

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