ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Each month WETM recognizes a local educator that goes above for their students. The educators are nominated by our viewers and this month’s selection is from Gardner Road Elementary School, in Horseheads.

Here are some of the comments that this month’s nominee, Jessica Shutter, was nominated for the Golden Apple Award.

“Her big heart and her love of her kids!” “She is amazing!” She has the biggest heart and gives it her all with her kids.”

Nominator comments

She was also nominated for the big heart that she demonstrated when a student’s father was dying of brain cancer. She would pick up and drop off the student and tutor them to help get their grades back up. She would get all she needed from the student’s other teachers, in order to help the student succeed.

Jessica Shutter shared how her love for teaching began. “I was the type of kid who’d come home from school and teach my own class, even if there was nobody there,” said Shutter.

Approaching nearly two decades in the classroom, something she takes pride in.

“I’ve been teaching 4th grade for 15 years,” said Shutter. “I love it; I haven’t gotten to a point where I’m like, ‘I need a change in grade or anything, I just, I love the age, I love the kids, connecting with them,’ she added. “Yeah, it’s just a very fulfilling job,” Shutter said.

A fulfilling job that Shutter said she’s known long before it became her reality. “I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher pretty much my whole life,” said Shutter. “My dad had built me a classroom in my basement and you know, I would just bring home papers and play school, and it was just something that I’ve always wanted to do,” she added.

Her students are quite the group. “This group of kids are energetic, curious, definitely hard-working, and loving,” said Shutter. “They get along really well, and they wanna please and just great kids; I absolutely love my students,” she added.

Shutter also shared what teaching means to her, “Fulfilling for sure,” said Shutter. “Unexpected,” she added.

Being an educator is not an easy job, but she dedicates everything for her kids!

Nominator comment

WETM will recognize an educator each month during the school year. If you would like to submit an educator for the award you can do so on our Golden Apple Award page. You can also read about other recipients of the award there.