ELMIRA N.Y. (WETM) – Megan Breslin knew she wanted to be an elementary school teacher ever since she was in high school. She’s been working in the Elmira School District for seven years and teaches kindergarten at Riverside Elementary School.

She says the student’s growth is what fulfills her as an educator.

“The growth that you see from September to June is so quick. So when they come in, most kids maybe know a few letters, some sounds, or a couple of numbers here and there,” said Breslin. “They leave and can read, write, add, subtract, and it’s so exciting to watch that aha moment for a child click,” Breslin continued.

Her dedication as an educator has allowed her to join the Community Foundation on its new initiative, A Fineland Education Experience.

“Finland was a school in college in my undergrad that their education system was something that we looked heavily at along with a Reggio Emilia-inspired school in Italy,” said Breslin. “So to get to go to Finland is an incredible opportunity. I’m very grateful that I earned that and excited to see what I can bring back to Riverside.”