Binghamton High School grad wins vaccination scholarship


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BINGHAMTON, NY – A recent Binghamton grad is reaping the rewards of getting vaccinated.

Yueqi Diao won one of New York State’s 50 coveted full ride scholarships for getting the vaccine, as part of the Get a Shot to Make Your Future program.

Diao, who just graduated 10th in her class at Binghamton High School, will get $100,000 toward a SUNY school of her choosing.

She says she had no idea she was even entered for the scholarship, so that didn’t effect her decision to get the shot.

“It’s a bonus. I don’t know anything about it. In fact, it’s my mom who signed me up for the scholarship and it’s a total surprise for me,” she said.

Diao still plans on attending SUNY Broome in the fall, and is thinking of maybe going to Binghamton University after that.

She is planning to get a degree in nursing, however, she wants to use her passion for engineering to bring Artificial Intelligence into the field.

Diao also wants to encourage everyone who hasn’t gotten vaccinated yet to do so.

Check out our full interview with Diao:

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