Congressman Tom Reed on the coronavirus stimulus bill

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NEW YORK (WETM) – 18 News spoke to Congressman Tom Reed about the Federal relief package about an update on everything that’s happening now.

We’ve been on the phone we’ve been working here at the office for the last 72 hours and we’re talking to our Senate partners and folks down in DC and it looks like we do have a fundamental deal in place so to stand with the American workers that back in the district and across the country when it comes to getting resources for their paychecks getting relief for small businesses as well as making sure that as we have this health crisis, economic crisis that’s going off that we stand with folks to get through this and so you get about a $2 trillion deal there and that’s a huge amount of money. But the economic crisis is real and impacting people day to day we’re already seated in the district, obviously should look at the restaurants, bars, other small businesses that novice with this lockdown or suffering.

Congressman Tom Reed

Given everything going on with the COVID-19 pandemic, 18 News asked Congressman Reed if he believed $1,200 would be enough for Americans to live off of.

You know I obviously am empathetic to that and I guess what I will say on that front is that we’re looking at a phase four already. But the key thing of this bill that we advocated for is to make sure that the incentives are aligned to keep people employed to reward employers for keeping people employed, we actually even potentially have a look back as they finalize the detail so that people who are terminated, or laid off may have an opportunity to incentive under the bill to be rehired and put back onto that payroll so people will have that paycheck have that certainty that they will be able to rely on the resources coming in, going forward, the 1200 dollars is just a small piece of the overall piece of this, or this plan of $2 trillion.

Congressman Tom Reed

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