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(WETM) — Many people have gotten their second COVID-19 vaccine, but some are reporting harsh side effects like fever, headaches, and sore arms.

One woman told 18 News she previously had the coronavirus but said the side effects of the vaccine are worth it.

“The minimal effects that you have for 24 to 36 hours is so worth it,” said Carrie Holliday, a vaccine recipient. “I mean, I almost died from COVID. I was in the ICU— I was in the hospital altogether a month. I had my heart stopped twice, I had congestive heart failure. I still have lingering lung issues. I had 2 plasma transplants. If it’s going to save any chance of you getting it— I just think it’s worth getting.”

Another woman said her first vaccine caused a slight headache but as for her second dose, she experienced pain all over her body.

“I got it at 12:30 in the afternoon and I had a mild headache,” said Sharron Murray. “I was good that night. I woke up about three o’clock in the morning, running a high fever, chills, every bone in my body hurt. I had never my body has never hurt so bad.”

Murray told 18 News the side effects were so harsh on her body, she couldn’t eat. She also said her symptoms went away after 24 hours.

“I don’t regret it,” Murray said. “I just know that if it would have been that bad the first time, I don’t think I could have talked myself into getting that second one.”

Local health experts said these symptoms are signs the vaccine is working and protecting your body.

“This is a normal part of the immune body’s immune response to the vaccine,” said Dr. Christopher Fucito, DO, Guthrie Clinic. “It’s actually what you’re looking for.”

Dr. Fucito said it’s best to not take any pain killers prior to getting the vaccine because it can lower the vaccines effectiveness.

One expert at Arnot Health told 18 News, the side effects are preparing your body to fight off the virus.

“Those vaccines themselves are there to kind of give you a drill,” said Dr. Justin Nistico, DO, Infectious Disease Doctor at Arnot Health. “It’s like a practice drill of COVID where it gives your body, a way to respond to something that’s very similar to COVID.”

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