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(WETM)- For millions of COVID-19 survivors, there is a struggle back to get back to a healthy state, and for many the process is slow. 

Dr. Justin Nistico,  Infectious Disease Physician at Arnot health says,  “COVID syndromes and post COVID symptoms that people are experiencing there are things such as prolonged fatigue, meaning people feeling very tired. Muscle aches that are lingering for a long period of time.Specifically with COVID-19 can be prolonged, so some people actually might have those symptoms for, you know, several weeks and in some cases several months.”

The most notable or unique thing is the loss of taste and smell. “Some people have even reported that they haven’t fully recovered, their sense of taste and smell in some instances, they were able to taste and smell in a different way than if they did after the infection,” says Dr. Nistico.
Watkins Glen resident, Ashley Jacobs-Mccracken has recovered from COVID-19 but, her sense of smell and taste has not. She says, “before thanksgiving. I had it, and then, so I lost my sense of smell and taste, and this is been about over two months now, it still hasn’t come back.”

On social media users have been suggesting remedies to help get those senses back.  18 News spoke with Dr. Nistico to find out if there was any legitimacy to this remedy. “It’s definitely something that is not illegitimate. It does have some effect. The use of say, using high intense smells or high intense flavors that actually is a is a procedure or a method that I would say is very helpful in trying to stimulate your senses. By using that video it’s essentially combining those flavors together where you have I think they were using brown sugar, and they were using a citrusy flavor. And then, drinking it and also smelling the burnt is a very potent odor along with having that citrus odor. And there is a way that that helps a lot of individuals cope with this lack of sense of taste and smell.”
Jacobs-Mccracken says she hasn’t tried the trend but she has been eating high intensity foods to cope.  “I’ve just been eating spicy foods because that’s the only thing I can eat, where I can actually taste anything.”
The truth is there is no cure for loss of smell and taste but with covid-19 being a new disease, only time will show how people make progress from post COVID-19 syndromes.

“I would just say that a lot of the, you know, these individuals can get better by just time and it comes down to time it comes down to resting there are some remedies that can help specifically with loss of taste and smell. They take a variety of very potent smells so things like mint, things like orange lemons limes citrusy flavors or smells, those types of scents are very good at kind of stimulating or penetrating so that you can get a sense of how, how much smell you have or how little smell you have. The other thing that they’ve done for scents and paste is that they will take things that are sweet, salty, bitter different types of senses of taste and then they will try different foods of different varieties that have those flavors. You may want to try a little bit of lemon, because of that bitter flavor and sour flavor, you may want to try a little like sugar candy that is sweet, and then you may want to try something that has more of a salty flavor of like you might want to eat a pretzel or a potato chip or something to that effect, so that you stimulate different senses,” says Dr. Nistico.

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