Study suggests certain venues are COVID risky locations


ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – A new study suggests that a just a handful of venues… May play a large role in the spread of covid-19.

According to a study from Stanford University most COVID infections occur at “super spreader” sites like restaurants.

Researchers looked at cell phone data to track the movement of 98 million people from earlier this spring.

They then created a computer model that predicted the spread of the virus within 10 of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.

They found that certain locations such as restaurants, fitness centers, and cafes accounted for the majority of all infections.

Capping the maximum occupancy at such places to 20 percent helped reduce new infections by over 80 percent.

The data also showed that lower income populations were more likely to be infected because the places they visit tended to be smaller and more crowded.

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