Guilt is one of the main reasons American workers avoid taking vacations


More American workers are letting their vacation days expire, according to a Priceline work-life balance report. That may be bad for the employer and the employee’s health. 

The number one reason people are not taking vacation days is the feeling of guilt about leaving work. Number two is workers saying they are simply too busy to take time off. 

Self-care includes using vacation time, according to Sonya Christensen. “Going on vacation makes you a better worker,” said Christenson, who says she makes sure to take all her vacation days. 

Christensen commented on some of her family that does not fully disconnect when vacation days are taken. “I have one son that doesn’t want to take his vacations, or sometimes he’s on vacation but still on the phone answering calls.” 

“We are being conditioned by society to press through,” said Melanie Funchess. “Have grit and press through. No.” Funchess is part of the Mental Health Association in Rochester. 

Funchess says even small vacations here and there can put people in the right state of mind. “When we take time to take care of ourselves, we’re more productive workers so it benefits the company and it benefits us.” 

Vacations also stimulate the economy and more importantly, stimulate the brain. 

“They broaden your vision of the world and how we can all get together better,” said Christensen. One of the biggest regrets of how vacation times are used comes with not taking enough last-minute getaways. Frustration with using vacation days for other people’s events, like weddings is also a complaint. 

Many people surveyed say the news and events of 2019 as a reason for escape and relaxation. 

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