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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Governor Andrew Cuomo hinted that a change could be in the works when it comes to New York’s 14-day quarantine requirement for travelers coming in from other states listed on the travel advisory

On Tuesday, the Governor announced that while neighboring states New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania would qualify for the travel advisory and that non-essential travel from those states into New York is “discouraged,” it would not require a quarantine.

“Technically, by the quarantine formula, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania would be quarantined. There is no practical way to quarantine New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania,” the Governor said during a press briefing Wednesday.

The Governor said enforcement is typically done at airports. It’s also enforced at train stations. 

“Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, you don’t fly in, you drive in. There are numerous roads that are interconnections. You would have to do some theory of border checks all across the state,” he said.

He also said it would be “devastating for the economy.”

“From an economic point of view, there’s too many interconnections with Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey. People live and work one place, work in the other place,” the Governor said.

With the majority of states now on New York’s travel advisory list as cases are increasing across the country, the Governor said his administration is now reviewing the current quarantine requirements. 

“We are working with global experts to see if there’s a different methodology to quarantining. How do you use technology? How do you use testing? Because our current method is you come here and then you have to stay here for 14 days before you leave. The enforcement of that is highly problematic. We’re not equipped to do that. It also has a negative effect on businesses,” the Governor said.

New data shows that there were more than 2,000 new positive coronavirus cases reported in New York State Tuesday and 950 total hospitalizations. 

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