WETM-18 is partnering with Guthrie to educate our viewers about heart health and on steps they can take for a healthier cardiovascular system.

Strong Body. Strong Heart. Training Tips for Heart Health

Weight lifting does more than just train your muscles. It trains you to have a strong heart as well. Try these strength training activities for your heart health.

How healthy is your heart?

Identifying symptoms of heart disease can sometimes be tricky. Here are 5 symptoms that you should talk with your doctor about concerning heart health.

How to protect your heart this winter

During the winter months, your heart health could be more at risk due to the low temperatures.  Here are some things that can affect your heart during winter and 5 ways to protect it.

Take a virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of Guthrie’s Heart and Vascular Center at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pa. Opened in May of 2019, this 17,000-square-foot center is a state-of-the-art space for cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, and structural heart treatments.

Find out more about Guthrie Cardiac and Vascular Care

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