Florida home security camera hacked


CAPE CORAL, FL (WBBH) — A Florida family doesn’t feel safe in their own Cape Coral home after their home surveillance cameras were hacked.

The hacker spied on the family using their internet-connected camera and taunted them with racial slurs.

The couple was cooking and catching up with their oldest son through facetime when their alarm was triggered and was turned against them. Someone was using it to peer into the Brown’s private life.

The hacker started talking directly to the husband and wife about their son:

“Wait wait… So did your child come out black or like light-skinned?”

Josefine Brown believes the person manipulating their camera was watching for longer than he made known.

The hacker focused only on making racial comments—which he spewed from their security camera over and over again.

The Brown’s were fed up with the hateful invasion of privacy and ripped the camera batteries are out.

The couple found out the email address and password of one of their external accounts were exposed in a data breach.

They immediately called Ring, who believes someone used that information to gain access into their account. Josefine says she is constantly changing the WiFi password and thinks the company needs to step up.

Tech Expert Michelle Bortoff says there’s one trusted way to keep your system safe:

“Wired cannot be hacked. Somebody has to be in your home, hardwired to your modem to see anything on your network”

Michelle Bortoff

Bortoff suggests opening up your WiFi options in your neighborhood and check to see if anyone has an identifiable network name. Then, help your neighbors out by changing its name.

She also says to change the default password that comes with your system.

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