Chemung County has higher rates of obesity for both adults and adolescents than all of New York state. A collaborative countywide effort to lower these rates comes in the form of a summer-long scavenger hunt.

We completed much of the hunt today, and are giving you a look into what and where some of the clues are…but we aren’t giving away any answers.

The Parks Prize Pursuit will take you to parks all over Chemung County. Each answer you get correct will earn you 1 entry into the random drawing, where you can win prizes such as a Wegman’s gift card or a FitBit. 

The hunt is sponsored by the Chemung County Health Department, which hopes this will be a fun way to get the community to be more physically active.

“We, on purpose, designed it trying to find clues where you couldn’t find them online, you couldn’t drive around in your car and look and see. We tried to make the clues where you had to get out of your car, walk on the trail, walk around the park, and look for what the answer to the clue is. The point is to get people out and walking,” Dawn Bush, Public Health Coordinator for the health department said. 

The hunt runs from Jun. 11 – Sept. 4, so you have all summer to get out and explore the beautiful parks in Chemung County. The drawing will be held on Sept. 10. 

You can submit answers to the Chemung County Health Department in person, by mail, or online at