NYS Trooper that saved 2-year-old’s life speaks about the experience

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AVOCA, NY (WETM) – A little girl is alive tonight because of the quick actions by New York State Trooper Robert Webster.

Webster was called to a home in the village of Avoca for a two-year-old possibly seizing. But when he got to the home, he realized that the 2-year-old was choking.

“She was eating gummies and drinking milk, at which time she just laid down on the floor and became unresponsive,” Webster said. “So with that in the back of my head, she was eating prior to going unconscious, and that’s when I decided to use the Heimlich maneuver.”

After multiple attempts with the Heimlich maneuver, Webster was able to save the little girl.

“I told the ambulance to step it up, and at that point, I grabbed her again, I started doing the Heimlich a second time” Webster recalls. “EMS grabber her out of my hands …she let out a blood-curdling scream that, as a parent, you are like, alright she is breathing, she’s cautious, she is alert, it was a good scream to hear.”

Webster is a former marine and has been serving as a New York State Trooper for almost four years, but this save means a lot to him.

“It’s one of the better feelings that I have experienced,” Webster said. “To see that kid, lifeless on the couch, to screaming and crying in the ambulance, blinking, moving, acting like a child, it was a sigh of relief.”

Going forward, Webster said that he will never be able to look at a gummy candy the same ever again.

“If I eat another gummy, I’m going to tell you right now, I am always going to think of that incident,” said Webster.

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