Hooked on Science: How can an egg fall into a glass of water each and every time?

Hooked on Science

Looking for a way to add a little science to your Thanksgiving?

If so, I’ve got an experiment you’ve got to try. It’s called the Thanksgiving Egg Drop.

Take a closer look and see how I’ve set up my science experiment. You’ll notice, I have a tall glass, filled more than three-quarters of the way with water, a pie pan sitting right on top of that, a toilet paper tube on top of that, and a raw egg on top of the toilet paper tube.

It’s a pretty cool science experiment, but you could make a big mess. Just be careful and make sure there’s an adult around kids, before you do any science experiments. Wear the appropriate safety gear.

It’s all about inertia, the tendency of an object to resist change. The egg is going to resist the change. Watch closely! The egg falls in, it will happen each and every time.

Here’s the science behind the experiment. You applied a force, a force is a push or a pull.

When you hit the pie pan, the pie pan and the toilet paper tube when one direction, the egg resisted the change, that’s the inertia, the tendency of an object to resist change and something pulled it into the glass of water, gravity.

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