ALBANY, N.Y. (WETM) – As the effects of climate change grow more drastic around the world, Governor Hochul is outlining a plan to help local farms adapt and change their operations to address “extreme weather events”.

Through a fund called the Climate Resilient Farming Program, Hochul plans to provide money to 200 farms in New York to help them reduce “their operational impact on the environment and addressing the impacts of extreme weather events resulting from climate change.”

Hochul said the CRF grant program has been “oversubscribed during its last two rounds by approximately 50 percent.”

But the farms receiving help are only 200 out of New York State’s 33,400 farms, according to Hochul.

Her outline described the plan as helping farms reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural processes and supporting farm and community “resiliency measures.” The plans were determined through research that was funded by the CRF budget and Cornell University.

The New York Farm Bureau responded positively to Hochul’s address, saying “her goals match what our farmers are seeking, a strengthening of our local food system, financial support for climate smart practices happening on farms across the state and easing the burden of rising labor costs that are crushing New York agriculture and limiting production.”

Hochul’s full agenda in her 2022 State of the State Address can be read here.