ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM-TV) – In this second episode of “Let’s Make Art,” our Zach Wheeler sits down with artist Marc Rubin.

Marc shares his love for painting and how he developed his style over the years. He also shared with Zach how renowned artist Tom Buechner was not only a mentor to him but a good friend.

Rubin wrote this about Buechner back in 2010,

My experience with Tom Buechner

I paint because of Tom’s generous gift of time and friendship in my life. I met and joined his Friday night portrait class in 1983. Tom was welcoming, reassuring, and had an approachable sparkle in his eye. Shortly after, he invited me to join the Sunday morning painting group—I was flattered and honored. That began a ten-year span of painting with Tom twice a week.

Tom introduced me to the amazing world of oil painting, awakening a love and a joy that is insatiable. The process alone is a superb experience and if I feel the product is successful, or someone else appreciates it, or even purchases it—what a delight.

In the many years spent with Tom, his influence went beyond painting. He also introduced me to the extraordinary world of classical music, opera, many amazing artist, and books—his influence shapes my life every day.

Tom’s amazing technical talent, the gift he had for teaching, and his love and passion for painting and life are priceless to me. I am, and always will be, filled with gratitude for the fire Tom ignited within me. Every time I start a painting, I hear him say, “Go for the darks Marc, go for the darks…”

Marc G. Rubin September 14, 2010

18 News’ Zach Wheeler is embarking on a new journey. In his brand new digital series “Let’s Make Art,” Zach takes on the challenge of learning how to paint like a professional artist. 

He’s enlisted the help of renowned local artist and teacher – Marc Rubin. Follow as Marc guides Zach as he learns the classical technique of oil painting.

You can learn too! We encourage you to try your hand at painting. We’ll be posting tips right here and ways you can share your works of art.  

So join Zach Wheeler and – “Let’s Make Art”