(WETM)- With the new year just days away Americans look at this time to set goals and resolutions most commonly relating to fitness and dieting. 

Heather Maio, owner of New York Sport and Fitness (NYSF) gives tips on how to be successful with those  health and fitness resolutions.

She says, “I think for both things, one of the things that people forget to do is to evaluate where they are right now. So we just set these goals but we don’t take into consideration our current lifestyle, our current habits or current, you know, situations and things that may get in our way. And so for example, if my goal is to get to the gym five days a week, but I haven’t been to the gym in the past two years, that might not be that realistic.”

That makes sense, so how do you make realistic goals?  Maio says, “you have to take into account what you like and where you currently are start really small, one, two, three tops… like seriously no more than three things I can change right now. So for a lot of folks, if we just concentrate on okay, one meal a day, I’m gonna make sure I have a really nice serving of vegetables, and I’m going to prioritize eating some animal protein. It seems really small, but those two things are hugely impactful and it still leaves room for everything we really enjoy eating so we don’t have that restricted I’m on a diet type feeling.”

For those of you who already maintain a pretty routine diet and fitness lifestyle, what sort of health and fitness goals can you set? Maio says, “if you know that you have your strong points so somebody is already getting to the gym. Okay, well, where could we maybe turn the value up on now a little bit. My biggest tip for anybody is keep everything the same Monday through Sunday. So, don’t set yourself up to feel the need to cheat or to feel the need to you know, wait until Thursday to have a treat that you like. Eat what you want all the time but lean into what we just talked about keeping the veggies keeping the animal protein and so try to keep everything nice and even. That’s where we see really, really cool long term results.” 
If you find yourself having trouble committing to your resolutions don’t beat yourself up. Maio has a saying about failure…

“Here’s the thing with failure, failure means you tried right, which is so incredibly cool. I truly believe that the only real failure is if you do not try at all. And so, think about failure and reframe it. It’s a failure. It’s feedback. You learn what did not work.”

Good luck in the new year with your resolutions!